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Smile Straight Orthodontists - Meridian, MS Office

2300 N. Hills St. Meridian, MS 39305

At Smile Straight Orthodontics - Meridian we offer a variety of affordable treatments options and types of braces designed to help you achieve and maintain the smile you’ve always wanted. Our customized treatments and state-of-the-art technology allow for better results in less time.


Visiting Our Ortho Office

Our brand-new orthodontic office is located at 2300 N. Hills St. Meridian, MS 39305.

We are located between Happy Smiles dental office and Little Ceaser's Pizza (a great treat to celebrate when the braces come off!).  Our office is right where Scarlet Cup Coffee House used to be located.

Look for the BIG tooth sign!  You can't miss us. 


FREE Initial Consultation

We offer free consultations to evaluate your orthodontic needs. This is a complete exam that includes a 3D scan and X-rays. Our orthodontist will recommend the proper treatment for your unique orthodontic needs. Book a free consolation today with our amazing team!


Scheduling and Rescheduling for Current Patients

If you are currently a patient of Smile Straight Orthodontics and need to schedule a follow-up appointment or change an existing appointment, please call our office at (769) 249-0001 or email us. A staff member will respond as quickly as possible.

SS - Meridian Team
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2300 N. Hills St.
Meridian, MS 39305
(769) 249-0001
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